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This Fujifilm camera is the Polaroid for selfies

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Well, we would all agree that Selfies are the flavor of the season, but have pictures clicked through the front camera outnumbered the ones clicked from the rear? Well, if you get to relive the days of Polaroid cameras that can offer instant hard copies of your selfies then you might think you are getting the best of both worlds. And keeping those changes in mind, Fujifilm has introduced the perfect selfie-remedy for smartphone users, who have forgotten the power of digital camera.

Part of the Instax series, the brand has announced four different variants, spread across varied price point, Mini 8, Mini 25, Mini 50S and Mini 90 digi-cameras for the selfies. These have been priced starting from Rs 6,441 and the highest model will cost you just a shade above Rs 10,000.

Ask anybody about Polaroid and you’ll get similar answers from all of them. In its own way, Fujifilm is looking to bring back the charm of click-and-print via its own form of selfie-Polaroid. The ease of clicking and getting picture may not match the convenience of click-and-post that the youth prefers these days but nevertheless, it’s good to know that golden days are being served to preserve in its own way.

Digital is the future, there’s no doubting that part but even then Fujifilm lives to serve its purpose of being a camera manufacturer at the end of the day, unlike some brands who have switched their product allegiance altogether. Will it be enough for tech-savvy, socially-active smartphone users to take the step back with printable selfie cameras? We’ll never know.


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