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Polaroid’s New Live Photo App Is Dipped In Nostalgia

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Remember Polaroid? Those bulky camera that could give you instant photos when digital camera were a distant dream? Well, the company is now back among our collective memory after launching a photo app for iOS in partnership with a Silicon Valley start-up, Swing.

If the dreamy instant photos could seem life-like, attached with memories galore, the new Polaroid Swing app, tries to build up on that by allowing users to take still photographs that come alive just like Apple’s Live Photos.

For a company known to make us love photographs, Polaroid has played a masterstroke by jumping on the live-photo bandwagon. It’s the era of GIFs, Vines and Boomerang and even Apple was quick to join the party with its Live Photos. But Polaroid has the strength of its name. A mere mention of Polaroid ‘instant’ly takes us back to those faded photographs still hanging beside our beds back in our parent’s house. Now that same attachment can be experienced once more through the Polaroid Swing app.

The photos taken from the app are actually one-second moments, caught and frozen in time. Touch the image or shake the phone, and the photo comes alive. The photos are shareable within the app itself and also externally to Facebook and Twitter.

The photos are captured in super-high frame rates and then frame-blending alogrithms are applied to make the photo come alive with a smooth, expressive and inky look.

Polaroid Swing is available for iOS for free and there is an Android version debuting soon.

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