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Pokemon Go To Become Quirkier In The Near Future

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Pay attention, budding Pokemon Masters. Your task of catching ’em all just got a lot more tedious and of course, fun. Newer Pokemons are coming to the Pokemon Go Universe, as announced by Niantic CEO and founder John Hanke.

Over the weekend at the San-Diego Comic-Con, the brains behind the AR-based Pokemon Go game announced a flurry of new features that are soon going to be implemented in the game, making it much more interactive and competitive.

Pokestops, the real world in-game collectibles locations, will be playing a bigger part in the game. They are about to become customizable, allowing them to be more useful. Acquiring certain objects will change the function of a Pokestop, giving it new abilities. One of them would turning Pokestops into healing centers, for Pokemons injured in battles.

In addition, the new update will enable Pokemon trading among players as well training and breeding them.

In the panel discussion in the 6,000 people packed Hall H of Comic-Con, Hanke unveiled the logo and the names of each of the Pokemon team’s leaders. The team leaders include two women and a guy.

Among all the new announcements, though, Pokestops are what excited Hanke the most. It’s his bid to make exercise mainstream again. “It’s so amazing to see,” Hanke said, while speaking to Verge, “the game is the game, but the game’s really an excuse to go outside, see your city, and have fun with other people.”

The new features will take quite some time to arrive, though. Right now, the Niantic team is focused on solving the server issues plaguing the game, because of the unprecedented number of players it has attracted within just a few days of its launch.

“I don’t have a date for you,” Hanke said regarding new features. “We’re working really hard to keep the servers up and running. We’re working on it, but its gonna take a little longer.”

Pokemon Go is already the most downloaded app both on the Google Play Store and Apple Appstore.


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