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Nintendo will pull the veil off its secretive NX console tomorrow

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Ever since Nintendo announced it is making a new gaming consoles that will be portable and support game cartridges, we have been waiting with bated breath for it. Yesterday, Nintendo tweeted that it will finally give us glimpse of the NX game console tomorrow at 7 am Pacific Time (7:30 pm in India).

The company has announced it will release a three-minute preview of the upcoming gaming console which have been rumored to be under production since last year.

Rumors abound the device. A leaked patent application of the Nintendo NX controller has suggested the console will be a portable handheld device, as reported by Eurogamer. The console will perform as a high-powered handheld with detachable controllers. The controllers will be present on the left and right side of the screen and would be removable.

The console can also be connected to a television through a docking station.

Also rumored is the return of Gameboy-type gaming cartridges. The NX console will have support for 32GB gaming cartridges. Digital downloads too will be on offer, apart from the cartridges. However, the support of small-sized cartridges indicates Nintendo is not gunning to achieve high graphics which is a regular in other competing gaming consoles.

The Nintendo NX console will not be relying on Android, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. Nintendo debunked the rumor that the NX console will have support for Android games, but rumors AR gaming and backwards compatibility with Wii and GameCube titles are still rife.

Nintendo will look to build upon the success of Pokemon Go which achieved record breaking downloads on both Apple and Google’s respective app stores.

But Nintendo will also renew its longstanding gaming franchises. Already, “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, “Project Sonic”, “Dragon Quest XI” and “Pikmin 4” are confirmed.

The NX console will be released in March 2017.


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