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Microsoft Working On An Upgraded Model Of Xbox One?

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FCC listings in the U.S. usually give us an indication of what’s to come from a particular manufacturer even before the announcement is made. Today, we’re coming across a similar listing made on the FCC page, showing what appears to be a slightly upgraded model of the Microsoft Xbox One console.

What caught our eye mostly is the presence of a new wireless chip, which could either be something to do with a virtual or augmented reality feature (keeping HoloLens in mind) or perhaps something that could reduce the overall thickness of the console. This device will probably be unveiled at the E3 event in June, so there’s still about two months to wait before we know more.

As of now, we don’t see any other upgrades on this particular console, but it is being said that Microsoft is currently testing out multiple Xbox variants in its research labs. These are all prototypes, obviously, so most of them probably won’t see the light of the day. But in any case, it’s good to know that Microsoft is hard at work to bring out new hardware, which is perhaps the only way to keep competing with the Sony PlayStation 4, which will see the inclusion of the PlayStation VR headset very soon.



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