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Microsoft Cortana reaches Windows 10 users in India with local voice and accent support

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Windows 10 users in India will officially start seeing the Cortana voice assistant on their desktops following a new update sent out by Microsoft.

In order to make the users feel at home with the service, Microsoft is using an Indian voice here along with the ability to accurately grasp Indian accents. This is crucial as we’ve seen voice assistants failing to properly recognize Indian accents in the past.

Users can ask Cortana to perform certain tasks within the system, while mundane questions pertaining to general knowledge will also be answered. Naturally, Cortana comes with a sense of humor, which has become a prerequisite for modern voice assistants.

The usual array of features like music/video playback etc are supported by Cortana as well. Overall, this is pretty much on par with all other mobile app assistants that we see around us, but will offer a more immersive experience since it’s right on the desktop.

The Windows 10 update went live a few months ago and has seen frequent updates and patches since then, bringing some features and functionality on board.

Although the inclusion of Cortana on Indian Windows 10 PCs has been long overdue, when we consider the fact that Microsoft was reworking the voice assistant with a new voice and accent, the delay is understandable.

If you haven’t seen the update yet, it’s probably because Microsoft is still in the process of sending it over. It should start hitting all Indian Windows 10 PCs over the coming days.


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