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Malware named Ghost Push spotted on Android, affecting about 1,44,199 devices in India

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Cheetah Mobile, which is one of the largest app developer group in the world has just cautioned users about a new malware called ‘Ghost Push’. This malware is seemingly impacting 14,846 types of phones consisting of 3,658 brands.

It is said that over 1,44,199 devices are said to be impacted in India alone. On a global scale, it is said that nearly 1.3 million devices are currently suffering from this malware.

As of now, Cheetah Mobile has managed to spot 39 applications that send out the Ghost Push malware to Android devices, although the group has not listed them out yet.

It is said that these affected apps install some shady software like ‘Monkey test’ or ‘Times service’ which can slow down the performance of your device to a great extent. The malware can also supposedly mask itself in the form of a browser ad, making it ever harder to detect.

Luckily, the malware only affects apps that are downloaded from third party sources, so you’re probably safe if you download apps exclusively from the Google Play Store. Cheetah Mobile has mentioned that two of its apps known as Clean Master and CM Security are capable of spotting these malicious apps and will help with the removal.

If you frequently download apps from non-Play Store sources, you might want to have a look at this. Google has worked exhaustively to remove malware impacted applications from the Play Store. But given the openness of the Android platform, malware can make its way to the devices quite easily through various other sources.




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