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Indian Wearables Start-up Goqii Releases Its Upgraded Wristband

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The homegrown fitness wearables brand Goqii has upgraded their well-received fitness band. The new Goqii Life fitness band now comes with automatic sleep tracking and an USB charging port.

Like before, the new Goqii fitness band doesn’t sell on its own. The company offers the band for free with its Goqii Life subscription service. And good news is, Goqii has slashed the price of its subscription service by almost a third.

The 12-month subscription service now costs Rs 3,999, while earlier it was offered for Rs 11,999. Similarly, the 6-month and 3-month subscription now cost Rs 2,999 and Rs 1,999 respectively.

Goqii band users will also get an early taste of contactless payment, which both Google and Apple have in their kitty, but doesn’t function here in India. With the Goqii band, users will be able to pay via NFC, but this option is only available currently for Axis Bank account holders.

Also, as per RBI rules, the transactions are limited to Rs 2,000 at one go and only five transactions per day. The store also needs to have an NFC-enabled Point-Of-Sale (POS) terminal.

Goqii will also award reward points for the number of steps which can be redeemed for real-world things.

Goqii, had raised several million for angel investors, Google Senior Vice President Amit Singhal, Seagate CEO Steve Luczo and even Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit-Nene.

The brand believes that the way to stand out in the thickly crowded wearables market is to offer something more along with the raw data of calories burnt, steps taken and hours slept.

Goqii founder Vishal Gondal thinks data alone doesn’t suffice. Users don’t really know what to do with all the information. Goqii’s way of addressing this issue is to include the counsel of human coaches, coupled with raw data. These human coaches are far more effective in keeping users motivated by analyzing the data they generate through the wristband.

Goqii also updated its app with the launch of the new wristband. The app now lets users set goals, speak to human coaches, keep a log of the food eaten and water consumption, along with viewing their health and fitness data.

The company has teamed up with a few healthcare companies like Max Healthcare and Thyrocare to allow them to have access to data generated through the Goqii wristband.

For a startup, it seems Goqii has it figured out pretty much. Instead of releasing just another wristband, among a lot of wristbands, Goqii built an entire ecosystem around it. Adding the human element to it has made even the Google Senior VP a fan of the smartwatch, never mind the million others spread across the world.

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