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Huawei P9 with Dual Leica Lens combines performance and photography at the right price

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Think about it. Most phones that offer the most rounded experience in terms of usability, performance and power packed imaging capabilities are the ones that are the most expensive to purchase. In some cases you’d need to loan out a kidney for the same. Just login to some of the e-commerce websites and you will find the answer to that question.

The new P9 changes the game on its head in that regard. Sure, it isn’t the cheapest phone around, but if you want a phone that can marry all crucial smartphone elements under one block of metal and glass then it is the new P9. This of course also includes the value for money quotient something which some of the high-end phones don’t attempt.

Why? For starters, with its dual Leica lenses on the back, it pretty much deploys the most powerful still camera currently available on a smartphone. If you thought the camera on the iPhone and the latest Samsung Galaxy was an in-balanced equation, Huawei of all the companies in the mix comes up with the balanced equation.

More importantly, this is a phone that looks like million bucks, it has good battery life and very impressive performance. The performance of the phone particularly is an eye opener. While some of the high-end flagship smartphones in the market are prone to heat up a lot when running resource intensive tasks – the P9 remains cool as a cucumber. It also has the chops to run the most graphically taxing games like Shadowgun without breaking sweat.

The end result is a device that represents great value; in terms of usability, design, performance and unparalleled mobile photography.


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