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Google Upgrades Search On Mobile To Aid Flights And Hotel Bookings

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Google Flights is a service that lets users keep track of flights from any city. A new update to Flights is now letting users keep track of changing airline prices as they happen. Users can choose to be notified using emails or in the form of a Google Now card. Google mentions that the changes will be visible in all regions where Google Flights is available.

As far as hotels are concerned, users will now be treated to a refined search experience. You can get improved results with queries like “hotels around me for under Rs 10,000” and so on. If there’s a hotel cheaper than usual, they will be highlighted and marked as ‘Deal’ so as to increase discovery. Google has your back if you’re looking to save some money with the ‘Tips’ feature, which will recommend shifting around the dates a little bit if it saves money. It’s not known if these features are live in India yet, however.

In terms of ads, Google will now bring something known as “Companion banner” on YouTube videos, allowing you to scroll through products right next to your video. Hopefully, this doesn’t turn out to be much of a hindrance from a user experience point of view. Finally, retailers will finally be able to showcase a row or carousel of their products in Google Search results. Products displayed will differ based on the keyword or search term used.

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