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Facebook Is Rolling Out Its Secret Conversations Feature On Messenger

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Facebook’s plans of going the Snapchat way is being implemented as we speak. After a month of announcing the secret conversation feature in Messenger, Facebook has now started rolling it out in the form of the latest app update.

Update your messenger app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and you can have secret conversations that are end-to-end encrypted and deletes itself after a user-defined timer.

The update is being restricted only to iOS and Android phones. So the desktop version of messenger will not be able to avail the feature.

Unlike WhatsApp, the feature doesn’t work across platforms. You also have to manually enable it. You need to go to their list of contacts on the Messenger app, select the friend you want to have a secret conversation with, with a tap on the username and then select the feature.

The timer icon next to the secret conversations option will let you set a timer on your message, after which the message will self-destruct, a la Misison Impossible.

The feature however, doesn’t yet support GIFs and videos. The conversations will also be limited to just one device. If you check your messages from your desktop, you will not be able to see the secret message. Also, the conversations will be listed separately on the app.

The feature is being rolled out slowly and might take a bit of time before it reaches you.

A probable server side problem is also not letting users have secret conversations with other people on their friend list, even though the profile has the feature turned on.

Ever since Edward Snowden spilled the beans on NSA snooping and tracking every online activity of people in the US, the entire world has been gripped by the fever of privacy. Many popular messaging apps including WhatsApp recently made end-to-end encryption available to their users. WhatsApp says even they can’t decode the messages you send once its encrypted.

Snapchat has always been the hands-down champion when it comes to such privacy-related features. The snaps you send on Snapchat deletes itself automatically, just like the secret conversations feature.

There are also a few Gmail extensions that allows you to send self-destructing emails to others, that leave no trace in the recipients’ inbox once the timer is up.

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